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Pure Hospitality

Is there anything more wonderful in this world than true hospitality? Being welcomed by a friend or stranger and given kindness, regardless of background, stature or appearance is human social interaction at its best. That is the root of this industry we live and breath but it is probably the first thing that is forgotten by so many who reside within or outside of it. To be hospitable is pure joy, it is the freedom to be kind without desire of reciprocation or worry of reproach. Sure, we all do this to put food on the table and we hope that our guests are kind in return but the core of a true industry professional is full of pure and unadulterated hospitality - sometimes it just gets clouded a bit!

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Find Your Core

Being hospitable can be a pleasure but it can also be a huge pain; which it is depends on you first and foremost. If you hold your own version of hospitality in your heart and keep mindful of it during as many interactions as possible you can draw strength from that. When difficult situations arise, return to that center. Recall the joy you feel when you give of your hospitality freely and you will have an easier time managing tough situations, difficult guests or letting things go. Not every person you meet is going to allow you to brighten their day but with a strong resolve, you might break through that wall. You’ll be able to let things slide or use your energy to shed a little light on others and maybe even change their day for the better.

Hospitality, noun
the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers

synonyms: friendliness, warmth, helpfulness, neighborliness, kindness, sociability, amicability, generosity, open-handedness

Environmental Issues

Like any living being, you need a healthy environment to thrive and when you have one it will be that much easier to bolster your core of hospitable ideals. Likewise, if your environment is less ideal, it will be more difficult to remember why you’re there and harder to keep positive. A complete change in environment might be easier said than done but there are always options you can take to help improve things and develop your hospitality at the same time.

Do your best to understand your coworkers and guests better. Get to know them and you might find someone there who needs your hospitality. When you do make that connection, you’ll feel that same joy again and it will help you recenter once more. If you’re in a truly toxic or negative environment though, it may be time to find a new one - your hospitality deserves better and will only suffer in such a place.

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In the Wild

For many, the hospitality industry is just a way to pay the bills but for some, it is a calling. When you’re given truly delightful hospitality it’s hard not to be affected by it, to not want to return it or offer your own - it’s contagious! Infecting someone with hospitality is one of the greatest gifts you can give a stranger and might just be how you ended up here. Keep that thought with you while you’re at work and while you’re away. Go find that place you receive the most hospitality from, tell them how much you appreciate it - it’ll make their day and yours.

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This concept of hospitality is not just for those of us in the industry but it is something that we intimately understand. It is our obligation to spread it as openly and honestly as possible, so that everyone will know to treat those that provide such a necessary human service, with the respect and admiration they deserve.

written by Alex Navarro