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10 Ways to Provide World Class Service

Hospitality is an art form practiced by the kind at heart; those willing to share a smile in an effort to improve a stranger’s day. Being hospitable is something anyone can work towards, but those that call it their profession can fine tune their skills to achieve something even greater. Although every server has their own unique style, the following is some universal advice which can help ensure good service, happy guests and returning business.

Using a Budget

In order to Take Financial Control you’ll first need to use a method, like this one, to create a budget. Once you’ve created a budget, it’s time to put it in to action. There are endless ways to follow a budget but I find this method to be the easiest and most responsible way to manage your cash flow. The foundation of this method is that you never spend money you don’t have, meaning you’ll be using your previous paycheck to pay for your upcoming expenses. For this example we will be budgeting for every pay period, however, this can be adapted to any time period.

A Manager’s Perspective

A role sought after by few and exemplified by less. Hospitality industry managers are a rare breed that can flourish or flounder in a heartbeat. Whether they be feared, loved or hated all depends on them but having a more rounded perspective of who they are, will bring a healthy balance to both their world and yours. Whether you are a manager, have a manager or want to be one, you will could benefit from a little more insight into their world.

Alcoholism in the Kitchen

In between the endlessly hilarious pictures of poorly labeled containers of unknown food over at r/Kitchenconfidential there are truly excellent people looking for help and giving it out. An honest request for help for an all too common problem brought about a fantastic response from an industry-alum that all of us would benefit from reading. Thanks u/groove for your bravery and u/RockleyBob for such great first hand experience and advice - well done to you both.

Tracking Your Finances

Taking Financial Control is possible when you are armed with the right information and in the case of your finances, you’re the only one who can collect that data. We spend money on a daily basis, sometimes without even thinking about it, so having a tool you can use quickly and easily is ideal. Although there are plenty of software options out there, for the most private and personalized tracking, Google Forms and Sheets is a great option. The following is the setup I recommend using to track your spending and income.


The fast paced life of the hospitality worker doesn’t generally leave much free time or energy for something as taxing as exercise but its benefits are so great that it should be a part of your routine anyway. Research has unequivocally shown that regular exercise can bring about increased energy, a better and more consistent mood all while improving your overall physical health. It might be tough to get started but once you start feeling those benefits, your routines will change and greater happiness will follow.