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The fast paced life of the hospitality worker doesn’t generally leave much free time or energy for something as taxing as exercise but its benefits are so great that it should be a part of your routine anyway. Research has unequivocally shown that regular exercise can bring about increased energy, a better and more consistent mood all while improving your overall physical health. It might be tough to get started but once you start feeling those benefits, your routines will change and greater happiness will follow.

exercise for restaurant workers

Runner’s High

It’s a real thing but it’s not exclusive to just runners, any activity that gets your heart rate up for a sustained period, say 20-40 minutes, will improve your mood. Exercise like this is one of the most effective ways to mitigate depression and addictive tendencies. It’s not a cure all, of course so don’t go skipping your meds! By adding exercise into your life the worst that can happen is that you get in better shape while you make efforts to improve your mood.

It’s a Physical Job

Regardless of your role in hospitality, you are likely to have a physical job, one in which would be easier if you were physically fit. Whether you have a challenge ahead of you, or you’re already off to a good start, exercise will improve all aspect of your life. Being even just a little bit more fit not only makes your already very demanding job easier but will also help you relax before and after it. Just knowing you’ve put in a solid effort to improve yourself is a win in and of itself.

Alone Time

One of the biggest challenges for hospitality workers is unwinding in a healthy way. All too often the culture leads us to that shifty, a bar or simply a bottle when we get home. The job demands that you are ‘on’ 100% of the day and coming down from that stage is no easy task. Exercise is a much better solution than a drink or a toke; not only will it provide you with a mood boost, you’ll also get better rest. Along with all these great physical effects, exercise can be that alone time you desperately need after spending a day interacting with strangers. Listen to a book or your favorite podcast while you run, catch up on your Spanish language lessons or simply listen to your favorite music. Whatever it may be, it is the ‘you’ time you so desperately need.

exercise for servers

As with any general life advice, it’s easier given than practiced. For me, exercise is a must, it is part of my daily life and I am lost without it. For so many it is a foreign concept or simply a dreaded task. What it means to you, however, is not set in stone. Find what works for you, give it time to work its magic and adjust as you go, fine tuning your efforts in to your own personal practice. Once you find what works, you’ll fall in love. It’s impossible not to enjoy the free high, extra energy, introspective time and an improved physical well-being that comes along with just a little bit of effort and commitment to yourself.

written by Alex Navarro