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Stay Classy

Although you may occasionally need Ron Burgundy to remind you of his mantra, it is most certainly worth keeping in mind. You needn’t work at a fine dining restaurant, the Ritz or even a restaurant at all to flash your class - you can do it anytime and anywhere. Hospitality, whether it comes from a friend or a stranger, is class in itself. The two go hand in hand and showing yours will gain you respect and notice. What it means to be classy will vary from person to person but at the core, a classy individual is calm, respectful, open minded and thoughtful. Sounds like all the stuff you need to be great at hospitality, doesn’t it?

stay classy servers ron burgundy

Class Is King

We’re not talking fancy shoes and deep pockets, what a classy person possesses is pure hospitality. Truly classy people don’t treat others differently than how they would like to be treated, they don’t give less of themselves to some, they give the same respect to all. What’s great about being classy is that it doesn’t matter if who you’re offering kindness to is someone who deserves it; your giving nature is what it’s all about, it’s that which makes you “classy as fuck.”

The All Seeing Eyes

Guests see everything from the way you interact at your tables, in the kitchen or at the reception desk. Class is knowing how to keep up appearances, how to roll with punches and come out on top with your hair looking even better than before. Difficult guest? Don’t lose control, meet them with an open mind and a smile. Continue those efforts as you walk away because even though they might not have any class, you do. Giving the best damn service you can, not by being seen letting out your, albeit justified, frustration back at your station is how you show your class.

stay classy as a server

High Fives

Everyone has bad days, tough interactions or simply an off-night, but don’t let that ruin your classiness. Be the calming force that helps to draw your team towards the light and turn around someone’s bad vibes, don’t get dragged down by them. A classy person helps those that need it and makes an effort to understand their needs. If you see someone struggling, be their guide to class, don’t enable their negativity and join in on a toxic session of complaining. Everyone needs a good rant here and there but once that initial burst is over, it’s time to turn on the class and hand out the high fives.

You Are Class

The hospitality industry is grueling and one of the most challenging places to remain positive towards your fellow humans. This is why you’re so amazing, because you can stay classy with the best of them despite it all. How you show your classiness doesn’t really matter as long as you make an effort to share your respect and spread your kindness to others. Be true to your classy self and strive to create moments of class all the time. Before you know it they’ll come to you without effort. As you master this attitude, happiness, contentment and the company of wonderful people, will follow.

written by Alex Navarro